November 12, 2009

Senior year ?

A couple of illustrations I did this fall in my illustration & portfolio classes ... more to come soon !

Zach Condon (Beirut the Band) performing for a crowd of books.

Deforestation illustration for a postcard that provides information about forests in the world & what individuals can do to help save the forests. The Tree is standing in front of photographs of deceased family members.

October 09, 2009


I have been extremely busy with school since September .. 

Those are some of sketches that I've been meaning to post.

Gouache & colored pencil

Gouache, colored pencil, markers

sketching in Rittenhouse Square .. Gouache, colored pencil, marker

Gouache & graphite

Co-founder of Nerdfighteria, the legendary John Green ! Gouache & graphite

3 drawings of my pencil case + teddy keychain ! i used Faber-Castell blue Brush pen.

August 05, 2009

From my Sketchbook

some sketches i've done recently ..

July 31, 2009

Last 3 Illustration Academy assignments ..

This was an illustration of a conversation taking place in a salon .. I've painted it with gouache on bright yellow poster paper .. you can still see the yellow coming through. It was a challenge & a real fun experiment.

An illustration of a sound "POP" .. I painted a girl taking off barbies heads ! I painted this illustration with gouache on Tea green pastel paper.

A monotype print for a traveling poster, destination: Morocco .. I've never done prints before so I decided to try it out since George Pratt brought his press to the studio. I am planning to experiment with printing techniques in the future.

Please click on each image to better see each illustration. The smaller size doesn't faithfully represent the original colors.

July 30, 2009

I.A. Cont.

Conceptual Portrait: Zach Condon (Beirut the Band). If you are familiar with Beirut then you'll know how Zach is like a Chef he creates sweet music mixing influences from his European travels & his personal background. I kept thinking of Zach as a creator that's why I have him dressed as a Chef mixing music instruments, flowers, & strawberries in a bowl. I used gouache but I have dry brushed it in order to try something new with gouache.

Deadly Sin: Sloth. This is my take on sloth, it was fun coming up with all the objects laying around .. I used gouache for this assignment too.

July 29, 2009

Illustration Academy

I was fortunate this summer to be able to attend The Illustration Academy which was held at Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, FL.

And I got the chance to be instructed by the Legendary Mark English, John English, Natalie Ascencios, Doug Chayka, Jon Foster, Robin Eley, Sterling Hundley, Gary Kelley, Edward Kinsella, Anita Kunz, Robert Meganck, C. F. Payne, George Pratt, Barron Storey, Jillian Tamaki, Brent Watkinson, Sam Weber, and Andrea Wicklund.
Not to mention all the talented students who were willing to learn from each other & share their perspective with me.

The seven weeks consisted of drawing class twice a week, demos & lectures from a new visiting artist each week, studio time & critiques following the development of each assignment from thumbnails to final.
Soon, I will be posting all the pieces I have done during The Illustration Academy.

This was the first assignment. A slice of Sarasota: an illustration of flat shapes, done in gouache.


June 30, 2009


Picked some sketches from my lil sketchbook ... will post more random sketches soon.

Sarasota, FL. Sarasota Memorial Hospital ! Had to see a doctor after I cut my finger ..

Sarasota, FL. In a restaurant by the beach.

Washington, DC airport.

Philadelphia. At Borders sketching traffic light & lamp post from window .. my hot chocolate cup + lil blue boy + imaginary snake border !

June 28, 2009

A dream & spots ..

An illustration on a dream. Was trying to give a sicking feeling .. I used colored pencils but for the background I used some markers.

this is a close-up of the portrait.

Spot illustration on religion .. they have more of my own personal thoughts about religion. As a feminist I have a lot to say about the oppression of women; I hope I will have time to explore this theme throughly. This was a quick exercise using washes of gouache.

Its been a while ..

Its been a while since my last post ! I'm finally done with junior year. Those are some of the assignments I have done for classes.

Symbolic illustration on cultural differences. I had fun with this project; and coming up with personalities for the characters depicted. I have painted this with gouache.

CUPCAKES .. GIANT CUPCAKES ! a boy who runs into cupcake-land. Done in gouache.

I've made up a story for this illustration. It's about two sisters who go to a library to read a book written by their mother. I did this illustration with brush pen, tan paper, colored pencils, and torn magazine pages.

This is a mummified cat that can be found in The Academy of Natural Sciences Museum in Philadelphia. I painted this with gouache and cut out paper for the pattern in the background.

April 18, 2009

First Post !

This is my blog where I will showcase my art work.
For this first post I am including work I have done last semester, I will post some work from my current semester soon ..
Those three pieces were done during my semester at Ringling College of Art + Design, in Sarasota FL.

Lyrical illustration of After the curtain by Beirut

Zach Condon from Beirut the band