June 30, 2009


Picked some sketches from my lil sketchbook ... will post more random sketches soon.

Sarasota, FL. Sarasota Memorial Hospital ! Had to see a doctor after I cut my finger ..

Sarasota, FL. In a restaurant by the beach.

Washington, DC airport.

Philadelphia. At Borders sketching traffic light & lamp post from window .. my hot chocolate cup + lil blue boy + imaginary snake border !

June 28, 2009

A dream & spots ..

An illustration on a dream. Was trying to give a sicking feeling .. I used colored pencils but for the background I used some markers.

this is a close-up of the portrait.

Spot illustration on religion .. they have more of my own personal thoughts about religion. As a feminist I have a lot to say about the oppression of women; I hope I will have time to explore this theme throughly. This was a quick exercise using washes of gouache.

Its been a while ..

Its been a while since my last post ! I'm finally done with junior year. Those are some of the assignments I have done for classes.

Symbolic illustration on cultural differences. I had fun with this project; and coming up with personalities for the characters depicted. I have painted this with gouache.

CUPCAKES .. GIANT CUPCAKES ! a boy who runs into cupcake-land. Done in gouache.

I've made up a story for this illustration. It's about two sisters who go to a library to read a book written by their mother. I did this illustration with brush pen, tan paper, colored pencils, and torn magazine pages.

This is a mummified cat that can be found in The Academy of Natural Sciences Museum in Philadelphia. I painted this with gouache and cut out paper for the pattern in the background.