December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's a printable little (Happy New Year) card with extra space to write your own note! + a sheet to write down all of your plans for the new year.
Feel free to print any number of these & add color to them :)

You can print out these for your own personal use + share with others but please don't use images for commercial purposes.


December 19, 2010

Amelia's Magazine: Bourgeois & Maurice illustration

I have recently illustrated for Amelia's Magazine Blog. 
It was for Amelia Gregory's interview with the FABULOUS Bourgeois & Maurice!

This is the sketch

And this is the final which was painted with Acryla gouache (Pure red + Carmine + Burnt Sienna + Ash Rose + Light Magenta + Shell Pink + Jet Black) on watercolor paper, 
then I scanned it and manipulated the color digitally 

Researching for this illustration was fun since there's a lot of material to look at; here's my favorite video of Bourgeois & Maurice:

Self-portraits November 22 - December 19

December 02, 2010

Christmas Cards!

NOW you can purchase the recent Christmas cards I have designed, hand printed & painted. The cards are being sold at Square Peg !

For the design of the cards I carved a linoleum block, then I printed the block on a Vandercook 4 press (at Katie Baldwin's studio, where I have been interning), the cards are printed on Stonehenge Warm White paper. Then I painted the yellowish gold areas in the cards individually with a brush. Which brings me to note that each card is unique since the cards are slightly varied in the yellow-gold areas due to the fact that each card have been painted individually. 

I printed an edition of 40 cards. Each card is numbered on the back. They smell so good (if you are into print-making ink)! 

For those living outside Philadelphia you can still order the cards, just send an email to for details. Fellow artists I am up for trading, so if you want to exchange something you have made for a card, shoot me an email! 

November 25, 2010

Cards preview

Here's an in progress image of my new hand-printed cards. Details will be available soon!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

~ Sarah

November 02, 2010

Painting of Bunny!

I've had 'Bunny' since sophomore year at Uarts. 
I've always kept her close to my work area, her 1st home -when I first got her- was on my desk at Juniper Street Dorm. Then she stood by the windowsill in my room at the cute house I lived in while attending Ringling in Sarasota (FL), after I came back to Philly she occupied the work area near the kitchen in my tiny studio on Spruce Street. My last year at Uarts she moved with me & all my art supplies to the Senior Design Studio, after graduation when I went to Richmond for the Illustration Academy she accompanied me & stayed at my work table. 
While at the Illustration Academy my friend Michael Politakis started calling her 'Petunia'! 

A picture of Bunny at my desk in the Senior Design Studio. 
Close by are two Lemony Snicket books + plant (can't recall what I was growing) + assignments folder.

Bunny et Moi! 
In the back is her new home, she now resides next to Doug Chayka's painting + Charles Valsechi's landscape painting + Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods candle (apparently they don't make that candle anymore ☹) + numerous books including Kadir Nelson's 'Abe's Honest Words' picture book + Brett Helquist's 'A Christmas Carol'!

I decided to paint Bunny. So here it is:

Painting of Bunny. Gouache on Ampersand GessoBord. 6" x 6".
What do YOU keep close by while working

September 20, 2010

Letterpress Internship

I love my internship at the letterpress shop of local Artist Katie Baldwin I wanted to share pictures of what I've been doing! I have never been around so much type, so it's really awesome interning at a letterpress. All of those typography lessons and graphic design terminology make so much sense now! Going back to the roots of graphic design is certainly pleasurable.

Where I hand-set type. With a box full of spacing + Job case print (the yellowish gridded poster on top) to help me navigate through the Job case (I have memorized the places of lower case letters, still trying to memorize where all upper case letters go!) + tiny sketchbook for note-taking + String to wrap around compiled sets of type + Setting sticks + Sheet indicating different projects (paragraphs, numbers, sentences for the inside of cards, press info to go on the back of cards) to be hand-set. 

I printed the type (which I have hand-set too) on these green cards. 

I have hand-set the type & printed the inside of the grey cards + the press info & website on the back of the cards.

Vandercook 4

And introducing my two new buddies (Katie's cats) Ezekiel and Nico :)


Nico was good at posing for the camera!

September 11, 2010

Greeting Cards for Sale!

I am happy to announce that Square Peg Artery & Salvage an arts and crafts store will be selling greeting cards I have illustrated and designed. Square Peg is a cute little store that sells creations from different artists [paintings, accessories, bags, journals, cards]. It is in the nice area of Rittenhouse Square, and I recommend visiting it and checking out all the wonderful art work they sell.

Two of hearts card. 3" x 4". 
Comes with a little braided yellow string to hang it where-ever you want! 

Carpets Card. 5" x 5".

Suitcases Card. 4.5" x 6".

Here are a couple of photos I took of the store!

Square Peg address is:
108 South 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

They are open Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
They are closed on Sundays & Mondays

The store also runs different kinds of workshops and features art shows.

For those who live outside Philadelphia and are interested in buying one of my cards you can email me and I will mail the card to you :)