February 28, 2010


So I haven't posted anything for a while .. senior thesis & school work takes up a lot of my time !

Here's where I have been living since last semester !

On the far left is my tear doll made by mimipong .. the project is called 'Hug your Sorrow'
i'm pretty obsessed with mimi's work .. i'll be getting a 'Sobby' purse soon :)
here's a link: http://www.mimipong.com

I love working in the studio !

Some photos I took during Winter break in Kuwait .. haven't been home for a year ! so it was exciting :)

Mobarkiya .. an old market

Souk Alhareem .. another old market !

Souk Alhareem

Dickson cultural house .. Baiet Um Saud 

A small store that sells handmade Persian carpets 

Alboum boat

Sharq waterfront

Some Sketches:

Sketching at work !

Lecture from visiting artists: Mark Todd + Esther Watson; at Uarts.

in the studio + at work


airplane .. everyone's sleeping !

in Kuwait at home .. tea set !

Cousin Ghanem .. Kuwait

Bredz cafe, Kuwait

Bredz cafe, Kuwait


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!!
    I like seeing photographs of your studio and Kuwait. Keep photographing and sketching! Miss you.

  2. Oooh! I really LOVE the Bredz cafe, Kuwait illustration! You have a great style.