May 19, 2010


This semester I took a printmaking class & I wanted to share the etching prints I have done.
My etching instructor was Tony Rosati & if you are a student at Uarts I highly recommend taking a class with him before you graduate.
I am planning to do more etchings this summer.

Anne Frank artist print. I used a quote by Anne Frank to have as a border & I was trying to experiment with portraiture.

Next step I decided to introduce the Holocaust into the portrait, so I used barbwire entangled as face features.

Here I wanted to see how the image is presented when placed on a large sheet of paper with so much space all around.

Leicas print: Henri Cartier Bresson's camera with text all around saying: 'Henri Cartier Bresson's Leicas'. I am fond of Bresson's work, and here I wanted to display his 'tool/material' to act as a portrait of him.

This print was the class's exchange print, so I made an edition of 32. The theme given to students was dreams. I love traveling & I never want to be in one place for too long. One writer/poet who displayed such wanderlust is Arthur Rimbaud. I love his poetry & I love the letters he wrote to his family and friends when he was traveling through out Africa. I used a quote from one of the letters he wrote in 1883: 'But at present, I am condemned to wander'. The title of this print is 'Wander'.

Some photos I took of my prints at Greenfield Library !


Quick updates:
I am graduating tomorrow ..!

This week:
On Monday I went to the National Stationery Show in NY, then the next day the graduating illustration class was in Splashlight Studios for Portfolio Day in NY.
Here are some sketches I've done while eating a salad in Javits Center (Stationery Show) & photos I took from Portfolio Day, except the last two!

With Mark Tocchet 'Head of the Illustration Dept. at Uarts'

May 02, 2010

ELY is Done

I am finally posting my senior thesis up here. 

To explain the title of this post: here at Uarts the 'Senior Illustration Thesis Exhibit' is called 'Ely' short for 'William H. Ely Senior Illustration Exhibition'.
The reception took place in Hamilton Hall on April 18th.

Each student is required to have 4 pieces for a market of their choice. 
I decided to put together pages for a Travel/ Cultural Guide to Kuwait.
The pieces are a combination of Gouache paintings, Brush pens on paper, Color pencils, & Digital (Photoshop + InDesign). 

I would like to take a moment and Thank my Mom, my friend William Wardlaw Rogers, & my friend Katia Wish for their continuous support & encouragement. 
And I would also like to Thank Annie Hagert, Celestina Levant, Yuko Nishigaki, and my little sister Shaikha for making it to the reception. My parents couldn't travel all the way from Kuwait, so having you show up meant A LOT to me :)

Another update is that I have put together a website, I have pieces from this year that I didn't put up on this blog. Go have a look! Sarah Alfarhan Illustration

Shaikha on the left with me by my Ely pieces!