May 19, 2010


This semester I took a printmaking class & I wanted to share the etching prints I have done.
My etching instructor was Tony Rosati & if you are a student at Uarts I highly recommend taking a class with him before you graduate.
I am planning to do more etchings this summer.

Anne Frank artist print. I used a quote by Anne Frank to have as a border & I was trying to experiment with portraiture.

Next step I decided to introduce the Holocaust into the portrait, so I used barbwire entangled as face features.

Here I wanted to see how the image is presented when placed on a large sheet of paper with so much space all around.

Leicas print: Henri Cartier Bresson's camera with text all around saying: 'Henri Cartier Bresson's Leicas'. I am fond of Bresson's work, and here I wanted to display his 'tool/material' to act as a portrait of him.

This print was the class's exchange print, so I made an edition of 32. The theme given to students was dreams. I love traveling & I never want to be in one place for too long. One writer/poet who displayed such wanderlust is Arthur Rimbaud. I love his poetry & I love the letters he wrote to his family and friends when he was traveling through out Africa. I used a quote from one of the letters he wrote in 1883: 'But at present, I am condemned to wander'. The title of this print is 'Wander'.

Some photos I took of my prints at Greenfield Library !


  1. sarah i love the pictures you're taking with that camera youve been carrying around! keep up the photos and documentation. these etches look awesome, i love the anne frank one with all the space around it.

  2. sarahhhh!! i love that print about traveling! beautiful.