July 13, 2010

Illustration Academy, Richmond VA

This summer I decided to get a second dose of the Illustration Academy. This year it was held in two locations Richmond, VA + Kansas City, MO. I went for the one in Richmond, it was a month long and it was simply gratifying being around artists I admire so much & students who are dedicated. Here are two assignments I've done during the program. 

Portrait assignment for Anita Kunz. I chose my favorite author Lemony Snicket.
His portrait is the postal stamp.

Young-adult book cover assignment for Jon Foster. This is a cover for 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' by Nerdfighter/author John Green & author David Levithan. I highly recommend reading this book! 

Here's the original book cover

On the links tab on the left I have added 'Illustration Academy 2010' take the time to look at the instructors & students websites !


  1. omg. I FREEEEAAAAKKKIIINNNNN LOOOOVVVEEEEE THIS ! i really did not remember it from academy ! but its awesome !

  2. Thank you Corrin. I did this work at the academy this summer!!

  3. i love your style sarah. You'll get somewhere.