August 19, 2010

Self-portraits August 11 - August 18

August 11, 2010
[Nothing looks promising]

August 12, 2010
[I'll make it work]

August 13, 2010
[So tiring]

August 14, 2010

August 16, 2010 
[Seems Ok]

August 16, 2010
[Cats are cool]

August 17, 2010
[Unsettled again]

August 18, 2010
[Where to Go?]

I have been featured on Yay! I Made It blog by the Talented Graphic Designer Maria Fonnes Go check out her blog !


  1. Sarah, you are too kind. I am really loving all of your portraits. People are so tricky to draw but you are awesome at it. It will be so neat to compare your drawings from start to finish.

  2. Thank you Maria!
    Hopefully this would prove to be a good learning method of improving my portraiture drawing skills. I agree, it will be really interesting to see all the drawings together at the end!

  3. I actually really enjoy the second one. It has such expression and life in it.

  4. do more of them with the red pen Sarah... that one is within the top 5. bring out some acrylics! throw some watercolor washes over those pencil drawings, blow my miiiiind! :)

    anxious for the next batch here