September 20, 2010

Letterpress Internship

I love my internship at the letterpress shop of local Artist Katie Baldwin I wanted to share pictures of what I've been doing! I have never been around so much type, so it's really awesome interning at a letterpress. All of those typography lessons and graphic design terminology make so much sense now! Going back to the roots of graphic design is certainly pleasurable.

Where I hand-set type. With a box full of spacing + Job case print (the yellowish gridded poster on top) to help me navigate through the Job case (I have memorized the places of lower case letters, still trying to memorize where all upper case letters go!) + tiny sketchbook for note-taking + String to wrap around compiled sets of type + Setting sticks + Sheet indicating different projects (paragraphs, numbers, sentences for the inside of cards, press info to go on the back of cards) to be hand-set. 

I printed the type (which I have hand-set too) on these green cards. 

I have hand-set the type & printed the inside of the grey cards + the press info & website on the back of the cards.

Vandercook 4

And introducing my two new buddies (Katie's cats) Ezekiel and Nico :)


Nico was good at posing for the camera!


  1. Sarah--This is so great! What wonderful photographs capturing the feel of the studio, the type, the cats. Yay letterpress! k

  2. that`s a very cool experience you are having! letterpress is coolness squared. And you took some amazing pics!

    Try and print some stuff with drawings combined... those custom printed drawing would rock!

  3. you did make the studio look stellar!

  4. Thank you Katie!
    Felipe Yes indeed, it is a very cool experience.
    Eli I guess i did :)