November 25, 2010

Cards preview

Here's an in progress image of my new hand-printed cards. Details will be available soon!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

~ Sarah

November 02, 2010

Painting of Bunny!

I've had 'Bunny' since sophomore year at Uarts. 
I've always kept her close to my work area, her 1st home -when I first got her- was on my desk at Juniper Street Dorm. Then she stood by the windowsill in my room at the cute house I lived in while attending Ringling in Sarasota (FL), after I came back to Philly she occupied the work area near the kitchen in my tiny studio on Spruce Street. My last year at Uarts she moved with me & all my art supplies to the Senior Design Studio, after graduation when I went to Richmond for the Illustration Academy she accompanied me & stayed at my work table. 
While at the Illustration Academy my friend Michael Politakis started calling her 'Petunia'! 

A picture of Bunny at my desk in the Senior Design Studio. 
Close by are two Lemony Snicket books + plant (can't recall what I was growing) + assignments folder.

Bunny et Moi! 
In the back is her new home, she now resides next to Doug Chayka's painting + Charles Valsechi's landscape painting + Henri Bendel Vanilla Woods candle (apparently they don't make that candle anymore ☹) + numerous books including Kadir Nelson's 'Abe's Honest Words' picture book + Brett Helquist's 'A Christmas Carol'!

I decided to paint Bunny. So here it is:

Painting of Bunny. Gouache on Ampersand GessoBord. 6" x 6".
What do YOU keep close by while working