December 02, 2010

Christmas Cards!

NOW you can purchase the recent Christmas cards I have designed, hand printed & painted. The cards are being sold at Square Peg !

For the design of the cards I carved a linoleum block, then I printed the block on a Vandercook 4 press (at Katie Baldwin's studio, where I have been interning), the cards are printed on Stonehenge Warm White paper. Then I painted the yellowish gold areas in the cards individually with a brush. Which brings me to note that each card is unique since the cards are slightly varied in the yellow-gold areas due to the fact that each card have been painted individually. 

I printed an edition of 40 cards. Each card is numbered on the back. They smell so good (if you are into print-making ink)! 

For those living outside Philadelphia you can still order the cards, just send an email to for details. Fellow artists I am up for trading, so if you want to exchange something you have made for a card, shoot me an email!