July 13, 2011


I recently went to The Franklin Institute to see their 'Mummies of the World' Exhibit.
It was fascinating, if anyone's visiting Philadelphia I would highly recommend going to the Franklin Institute. Tickets were $26.50 for an adult. 
Photography isn't allowed BUT sketching is! Below are a few of my sketches.

Mummy of an adult male (Chile)

The Detmold Child (Pre-Columbian Peru)

July 11, 2011

'One Year Of Daily Self-Portraits' project is DONE!

July 3 + 7 + 10 portraits

I made it! My 'Self-portrait a Day' project has come to an end! Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words & support through out this project. 
It really means a lot to me :) the kind + encouraging words kept me going & lifted me up when I wasn't confident about my drawing skills. 
It was scary at first (I was overwhelmed) but after 2 - 3 weeks I couldn't go to bed without drawing a self-portrait. And it was challenging at times, through out that year I lived in 4 different places! Moving is always hard! And I learned a lot. 
And most importantly is that I didn't stop drawing. Before I graduated from UARTS I heard stories about recent graduates who have stopped drawing altogether & it simply terrified me. I didn't want to be in that place, I didn't want to cease doing what I am passionate about. I am happy with what I have accomplished, I wasn't sure I could do this project a year ago but I did it & it feels wonderful! 
I will probably keep drawing a portrait daily, maybe not a self-portrait, maybe just an object, or what I had for dinner! I will share these drawings every once in a while (probably only the best ones). 
Got any suggestions? 

To see all portraits from the day I started the project till Feb.10.2011 go here.
To see self-portraits from Feb.11.2011 till the very last portrait go here.

June 14, 2011

Thank-You Cards

I have painted 4 Thank-You cards a while ago, and I wanted to share one trick I used!
The cards were painted for four super special people.
Materials: Gouache paint + FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic + mt Washi Masking Tape + Strathmore paper.
The size of the cards was about 3"x4.5"
The trick was the use of the Magical mt Washi Masking Tape! I used it for the left edge of the cards (spin of the cards). 
I discovered this tape at one of my favorite stores in the world, Omoi on 16th & Pine St. (Philadelphia, PA). 
The funny thing is that I brought the tape not knowing what I am going to use it for. 
Then while doodling for the design of the thank you cards I decided to put this tape to test! 
The Navy Blue color of the tape was the starting point for the color palette.
You can buy the tape from Omoi in singles for $4.00 (I own two) or a kit for $19.95.  

UPDATE: Omoi Blog re-blogged this post! Read it here :)

June 03, 2011

Amelia's Magazine: Jon Hopkins + King Creosote illustration

This is an illustration I recently finished for Amelia's Magazine. The illustration accompanied Amelia Gregory's interview with King Creosote about his collaborative album 'Diamond Mine' with Jon Hopkins
I absolutely loved listening to the album while working on this illustration!

My illustration for the interview.

My illustration for tour info.listing.

My illustration on Amelia's Magazine Pinterest board.

May 24, 2011

T-shirt Design

Hello Blog followers!
I have submitted a t-shirt design to Threadless & now it's up for voting!
Help me get it printed by voting here.
Thanks :) 
Here's the full illustration 
2:22 is Tea Time! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

April 24, 2011

Anju Salon Custom Cards

This is a project I wanted to share with you all as soon as I started working on it last month. But I couldn't share it, not until everything was colored, printed, cut, scored, folded, packaged, and delivered! 
Anju Threads Salon is a local salon in Center City. I was approached to show my art-work there, but it evolved into illustrating & designing custom made greeting cards. After snooping around the salon's website, I found my theme! It was India! 
Anju learned all about threading during a visit to India. And I thought what a wonderful place to seek inspiration from! So I borrowed books from the library on Indian & Sri Lankan textiles. And I came up with different designs that are inspired by all the wonderful textiles, saris, & rugs that come from that region. 
In this post I am including my process photos of this project. In a follow up post I will include photos of the cards displayed at Anju Salon. Enjoy! 

Sketchbook page.

First thumbnail of girl in Sari.

Final drawings on frosted mylar. Many mistakes + numerous of versions!
I drew 49 mouths!
These were later colored digitally.

Printed cards on Watercolor paper. These were finally cut, scored, & folded.
Cards size 3"x4".

4 versions of girl in Sari! Those cards were the only ones with rounded edges.

Packaged in celofan with envelopes, ready to be delivered!

February 28, 2011

Celebrating Kuwait's National + Liberation Day

Just a fun illustration I did celebrating Kuwait's National Day + Liberation Day (February 25 + 26)! This year commemorates the 50th year for National Day & 20 years since Kuwait's liberation from the Iraqi invasion. 
The girls' dresses are inspired by a dress I wore myself when I was around 5 years old.
I really miss being back home around this time. It would have been a real treat to be able to take a bunch of photos of the celebrations and the decorated city!
But I did find this awesome photo of Kuwait Towers + fireworks by Photographer Yousef Alsaleh! Enjoy!

Final illustration

Sketchbook page

Me in a Kindergarten performance (either 1994-1995). 
This dress is what inspired the above sketches + illustration!

February 21, 2011

Hand-setting type

Some photos of all the type I've been hand-setting lately. I am getting close to where I want to be (in proficiency) in letterpress. 
Weird thing is that for the past few weeks (after hand-setting type at the letterpress shop) I'd have nightmares of me hand-setting type. These nightmares are always of the measuring/ composing stick turning into wiggly rubber or breaking; making all the individual letters I've been setting to fall all over the place! Good thing those nightmares never turned into reality! 

February 11, 2011

Amelia's Magazine: Ghosts in love illustration

I've recently illustrated for Amelia's Magazine. 'Ghosts in love' illustration went along with Jessica Furseth article: 'The reluctant Valentiner'.
My illustration also made an appearance in Jessica Furseth's blog here!

Ghosts in love (solid color)

Ghosts in love (Transparent & ghostly!)

Ghosts in love (solid color + 2nd color scheme)

Ghosts in love (2nd color scheme + ghostly!)

February 10, 2011

Self-portraits January 21 - February 10

Ballad Of Magazine feature!

Check out 'Ballad Of Magazine', they have featured pages of my sketchbook! Read the post by Lindsey & Claire here

February 04, 2011

Amelia's Magazine: Emma Forrest illustration

Here's my latest illustration for Amelia's Magazine. Jessica Furseth wrote a review on Emma Forrest's new book "Your voice in my head"Read an excerpt hereThe challenge was to illustrate Emma without copying a photo from a google search and to present serious issues discussed in the book, like suicide and mental breakdown. I kept drawing Emma several times, until I was satisfied with the drawing below. I hope that my color choice presented the right mood for the book. I Kept Emma to the left corner and drew word bubbles overwhelming and surrounding her as symbols of voices and possibly ghosts?! 
As usual I had several options regarding the colors! This was fun and a very quick illustration. Everything was drawn in pencil, scanned, and colored digitally.

January 28, 2011

Bookmark Resume!

I made a 'resume' to send to publishing houses! I thought a bookmark seemed very fitting!
Last year I took a printmaking class and made an edition of bookmarks (Lino cut), they are the inspiration of this new bookmark. I couldn't find them anywhere BUT I did find the sketches in an old folder. Theses (lino cut) bookmarks had some elements that I wanted to use in my 'resume'! 

Those are the sketches for the lino cut bookmarks. I was studying Russian at the time and when I am into something, it usually winds up in my drawings. I think it says: I love reading!

Those are my thumbnails for the bookmark 'resume'.
And below are the front + back side of the bookmark.

I might still play around with the decorative elements + color!
Let me know what you think?