February 04, 2011

Amelia's Magazine: Emma Forrest illustration

Here's my latest illustration for Amelia's Magazine. Jessica Furseth wrote a review on Emma Forrest's new book "Your voice in my head"Read an excerpt hereThe challenge was to illustrate Emma without copying a photo from a google search and to present serious issues discussed in the book, like suicide and mental breakdown. I kept drawing Emma several times, until I was satisfied with the drawing below. I hope that my color choice presented the right mood for the book. I Kept Emma to the left corner and drew word bubbles overwhelming and surrounding her as symbols of voices and possibly ghosts?! 
As usual I had several options regarding the colors! This was fun and a very quick illustration. Everything was drawn in pencil, scanned, and colored digitally.


  1. beautiful drawing, but my mind keeps wanting to see some line variation and inks over it! keep it up sarah! love.

  2. Felipe: Thank you :) I will keep your suggestion in mind!