April 24, 2011

Anju Salon Custom Cards

This is a project I wanted to share with you all as soon as I started working on it last month. But I couldn't share it, not until everything was colored, printed, cut, scored, folded, packaged, and delivered! 
Anju Threads Salon is a local salon in Center City. I was approached to show my art-work there, but it evolved into illustrating & designing custom made greeting cards. After snooping around the salon's website, I found my theme! It was India! 
Anju learned all about threading during a visit to India. And I thought what a wonderful place to seek inspiration from! So I borrowed books from the library on Indian & Sri Lankan textiles. And I came up with different designs that are inspired by all the wonderful textiles, saris, & rugs that come from that region. 
In this post I am including my process photos of this project. In a follow up post I will include photos of the cards displayed at Anju Salon. Enjoy! 

Sketchbook page.

First thumbnail of girl in Sari.

Final drawings on frosted mylar. Many mistakes + numerous of versions!
I drew 49 mouths!
These were later colored digitally.

Printed cards on Watercolor paper. These were finally cut, scored, & folded.
Cards size 3"x4".

4 versions of girl in Sari! Those cards were the only ones with rounded edges.

Packaged in celofan with envelopes, ready to be delivered!