April 24, 2011

Anju Salon Custom Cards

This is a project I wanted to share with you all as soon as I started working on it last month. But I couldn't share it, not until everything was colored, printed, cut, scored, folded, packaged, and delivered! 
Anju Threads Salon is a local salon in Center City. I was approached to show my art-work there, but it evolved into illustrating & designing custom made greeting cards. After snooping around the salon's website, I found my theme! It was India! 
Anju learned all about threading during a visit to India. And I thought what a wonderful place to seek inspiration from! So I borrowed books from the library on Indian & Sri Lankan textiles. And I came up with different designs that are inspired by all the wonderful textiles, saris, & rugs that come from that region. 
In this post I am including my process photos of this project. In a follow up post I will include photos of the cards displayed at Anju Salon. Enjoy! 

Sketchbook page.

First thumbnail of girl in Sari.

Final drawings on frosted mylar. Many mistakes + numerous of versions!
I drew 49 mouths!
These were later colored digitally.

Printed cards on Watercolor paper. These were finally cut, scored, & folded.
Cards size 3"x4".

4 versions of girl in Sari! Those cards were the only ones with rounded edges.

Packaged in celofan with envelopes, ready to be delivered!


  1. I really love them, Sarah. Such fun designs and colors!

  2. Wow! It looks like a lot of work and they are beautiful! I like the cards a lot, very nice!

  3. Great Pictures and steps! inspiring, sarah!

  4. These are wonderful! Are you selling them at any storefronts?

  5. Katia: Thank you! It was so much fun coming up with the colors :)
    Cèline: It was a lot of work, but it was all worth it. I had so much fun working on this project!
    Felipe: Thanks :)
    Margaux: Thank you! As of right now they are only being sold at Anju Threads Salon.

  6. Sarah, these look so great! The drawing, the pattern, the color--I love them!

  7. Sarah, these are great! Love the process work.

    How were these printed? Screenprinted? Offset? Silkscreen?

  8. These are beautiful! What lb and what type of watercolor paper did you use? Did you get them printed professionally or did you do it yourself?

  9. Charles + Katie: Thank you!

    Jared: Thanks :) these were printed on an Inkjet printer. I colored them digitally. I did make a plan to have them as letterpress cards (but as 4x6"), but I couldn't do it with this project since there was a deadline. And the size that was required was much too small.

    Ally: Thanks :D

    Margaux: Paper was Epson's Watercolor paper (Radiant White)/ Weight 190, it was printed professionally at a local Printing Lab.