June 14, 2011

Thank-You Cards

I have painted 4 Thank-You cards a while ago, and I wanted to share one trick I used!
The cards were painted for four super special people.
Materials: Gouache paint + FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic + mt Washi Masking Tape + Strathmore paper.
The size of the cards was about 3"x4.5"
The trick was the use of the Magical mt Washi Masking Tape! I used it for the left edge of the cards (spin of the cards). 
I discovered this tape at one of my favorite stores in the world, Omoi on 16th & Pine St. (Philadelphia, PA). 
The funny thing is that I brought the tape not knowing what I am going to use it for. 
Then while doodling for the design of the thank you cards I decided to put this tape to test! 
The Navy Blue color of the tape was the starting point for the color palette.
You can buy the tape from Omoi in singles for $4.00 (I own two) or a kit for $19.95.  

UPDATE: Omoi Blog re-blogged this post! Read it here :)

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