May 20, 2012

OOMPAHist Conference: PART I

I wanted to share this real exciting & super time consuming project that I have been working on!

This project was done for Visual Communication class at Pratt Institute with Professor Brenda McManus (one of the most awesome professors I've ever had!). 
We started by choosing a topic found in a newspaper article. 
This is the article that I picked for my topic 'Tuba Raids' Plague Schools in California by Ian Lovett.
A very brief summary of the article: 'Due to popularity of Banda Music -a Mexican type of music- in California, people/ kids started stealing sousaphones/ tubas from schools'.
So my topic is: 'Sousaphones' sometimes referred to as 'Tubas'. 
And 'Banda Music' was chosen as a sub-theme. 
Then we had to create a 3 day academic conference (with real speakers) for the topic!

Doing research was so much fun! After finalizing who speaks when, and which themes are addressed each day; we created posters for each day + giveaways for attendees of the conference + a stationary system (letterhead/ envelope/ business cards). 

The title of the conference 'OOMPAHist' came from the notion that the sousaphone makes an oompah oompah oompah sound! Naming the conference was the hardest, I began with real boring titles (like: Sousaphones across cultures and musical styles)!! Until I started coming up with quirky ones! One title that I was planning to go with was 'Coiled' coming from the way the sousaphone coils around the musician's body.

Here's my wordlist:

And here's my statement for the conference:
'OOMPAHist Conference celebrates the role of the Sousaphone on a global level. The conference exposes music lovers to the instrument and connects professional musicians with others in the field. OOMPAHist celebrates the multi-nationality of the instrument and its crucial part in different cultures. 
The conference not only offers lectures by professors from the most notable schools; but also offers workshops, film screening, and performances by bands from around the world.'

This is my logo for the conference:
The actual look of the logo was inspired from Mexican Papel Picado I got very delicate paper and hand cut the logo to stay true to how Papel Picados are made. This took hours, but I was very happy with the results!

I named each day Valve 1/ Valve 2/ Valve 3, going with the fact that a sousaphone has 3 valves. 

For the visual theme I was going for a Folksy + Hand-drawn look. And since Banda Music is a sub-theme, I tried to slip in Mexican inspired visuals here and there!
I also wanted to make the posters look versatile because the conference does celebrate all the types of music + cultures that use the sousaphones (sousaphones are also used in Jazz and ballet 'in Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, my favorite ballet!'.

Early sketches + thumbnails for the posters:

PART II of this will be posted soon!

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