January 24, 2013

GradComD Thesis Presentation

Its about time I share what I have been up to *Thesis-wise*
By the end of the fall semester all thesis students at Pratt's GradComD dept. were required to present their thesis topic to an audience of professors and students. 
After the presentation, there's a brief discussion and questions about the student's topic. 

To see my presentation, check out the link below:

I had a script going along all the slides in my presentation. So imagine my voice whilst you read my script. Slug area (bottom area, below the bashed red line) is included on each slide to include my script. 

Would love to hear feedback and questions! 
Note: My thesis is now geared towards multilinguals only. Language learners were an additional audience that I will no longer focus on. 

Thanks to my buddies for letting me use photos I have taken of them in my presentation
Check out their brilliant work :)
Katie // Scott // Margaux // Karla